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EPIq: An open-source software for the calculation of electron-phonon interaction related properties,
G. Marini et al, Computer Physics Communications 295, 108950 (2024)
Born effective charges and vibrational spectra in superconducting and bad conducting metals
G. Marchese et al, Nature Physics (2023)
Light-Induced Nonthermal Phase Transition to the Topological Crystalline Insulator State in SnSe
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Enhanced coupling between massive fermions and zone-boundary phonons probed by infrared resonance Raman in bilayer graphene
L. Graziotto et al. arXiv:2310.04071
Electronic structure and lattice dynamics of 1T-VSe2: origin of the 3D-CDW
J. Diego et al. arXiv:2307.15392
Electron-phonon driven charge density wave in CuTe
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Misfit layer compounds as ultra-tunable field effect transistors: from charge transfer control to emergent superconductivity
Ludovica Zullo, Giovanni Marini, Tristan Cren, Matteo Calandra Nano Letters 23, 6658 (2023), Dataset available at 10.5281/zenodo.8385932
EPIq : an open-source software for the calculation of electron-phonon interaction related properties
G. Marini et al. Computer Physics Communications 108950 (2023)
Dynamical effects on photoluminescence spectra from first principles: A many-body Green's function approach
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Protection of Ising spin-orbit coupling in bulk misfit superconductors,
T. Samuely et al. arxiv:2304.03074
Born effective charges and vibrational spectra in super and bad conducting metals
Guglielmo Marchese, Francesco Macheda, Luca Binci, Matteo Calandra, Paolo Barone, Francesco Mauri arxiv:2303.00741m to appear on Nature Physics
Temperature-Dependent Anharmonic Phonons in Quantum Paraelectric KTaO3 by First Principles and Machine-Learned Force Fields
Luigi Ranalli, Carla Verdi, Lorenzo Monacelli, Georg Kresse, Matteo Calandra, Cesare Franchini, Advanced Quantum technologies 2200131 (2023)
Probing enhanced electron-phonon coupling in graphene by infrared resonance Raman spectroscopy
T. Venanzi et al. arXiv:2212.01342, to appear on Phys. Rev. Lett.
Importance of measuring accurately LDOS maps using scanning tunneling spectroscopy in materials presenting atom-dependent charge order: the case of the correlated Pb/Si(111) single atomic layer
C. Tresca et al. Phys. Rev. B 107, 035125 (2023)



Light-Tunable Charge Density Wave Orders in and Single Layers
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Polar magnetic metallic state in few-layer BiFeO3
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Dominant Role of Quantum Anharmonicity in the Stability and Optical Properties of Infinite Linear Acetylenic Carbon Chains
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Lattice dynamics of photoexcited insulators from constrained density-functional perturbation theory
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Charge density wave in single-layer Pb/Ge (111) driven by Pb-substrate exchange interaction
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The stochastic self-consistent harmonic approximation: calculating vibrational properties of materials with full quantum and anharmonic effects
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Intrinsic Vibrational Angular Momentum from Nonadiabatic Effects in Noncollinear Magnetic Molecules
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2D Monolayer of the 1T’Phase of Alloyed WSSe from Colloidal Synthesis
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Anomalous High‐Temperature Superconductivity in YH6
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Ab-initio energetics of graphite and multilayer graphene: stability of Bernal versus rhombohedral stacking
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Misfit Layer Compounds: A Platform for Heavily Doped 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
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Electronic structure of from a quasi-self-consistent approach
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Van der Waals driven anharmonic melting of the 3D charge density wave in VSe2
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Black metal hydrogen above 360 GPa driven by proton quantum fluctuations
L Monacelli, I Errea, M Calandra, F Mauri, Nature Physics 17, 63 (2021)