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ERC Advanced Grant

Discovering light induced phases by first principles materials design

PI: Matteo Calandra

Starting date : October 2022

The goal of the ERC DELIGHT is to develop a theoretical strategy to predict and discover photoinduced phases in materials. It aims at answering some of the following questions. Which systems undergo light induced phase transitions ? Can we use light pulses to enhance or tune charge density wave, ferroelectric and magnetic critical temperatures, to generate new topological phases or to optimize the properties of thermoelectric materials ? Can we develop an inverse design strategy, namely given a target property, determine which material will have to be photoexcited and at which fluence to obtain it ?


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Ultrafast creation of a light-induced semimetallic state in strongly excited 1T-TiSe2,
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Optical absorption and photoluminescence of single layer boron nitride from a first principles cumulant approach
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CMT@BRIXEN2024, 28-30 August 2024

First international meeting on Ultrafast spectroscopy and 2D Materials, 20-24 January, 2024

CMT@BRIXEN2023, 5-7 June, 2023

18th of January 2023 - Meeting in Padova on photoinduced phase transition, in collaboration with Prof. Giulio Monaco.. (Program, Pictures).

People Involved

Prof. Raffaello Potestio
Prof. Pierluigi Cudazzo (RTDb)
Dr. Giovanni Marini (RTDa)
Dr. Kris Holtgrewe (Postdoc)
Andrea Corradini (PhD)
Matteo Furci (PhD)
Stefano Mocatti (PhD)
Giulio volpato (PhD)