Welcome to the Materials Theory group in Trento

Our activity concerns the theoretical understanding of the physical and chemical properties of materials. A fingerprint of our work is the development of new theoretical and computational approaches from first principles. Topics of choice are light-matter interaction, the electron-phonon coupling, anharmonicity and superconductivity. We focus on 2D and quantum materials, systems close to instabilities (structural, charge density waves, magnetic and superconducting) and materials for energy conversion and harvesting.

Highlights and News

# 5 PhD positions available !!!! Deadline for application (strict deadline) 31st of May

PhD Grant B: Exciton dynamics from first-principles, supervisor Prof. Pierluigi Cudazzo (Next Generation EU)

PhD Grant G: 2D materials for hydrogen splitting, supervisor Prof. Matteo Calandra (H2@TN)

PhD Grant H: Innovative Materials for Hydrogen splitting, supervisor Prof. Matteo Calandra (H2@TN)

PhD Grant I: Electron-phonon interaction in photoexcited materials, supervisor Prof. Matteo Calandra (ERC DELIGHT)

PhD Grant J: Discovering light-induced phases by first-principles material design, supervisor Prof. Matteo Calandra (ERC DELIGHT)

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# The Provincia Autonoma di Trento funds the joined UniTN-FBK Project H2@TN - Produrre idrogeno in Trentino

PIs: Proff Matteo Calandra and Antonio Miotello (UniTN), Dr. Luigi Crema (FBK)

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